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Analysis: Waziristan finally off US agenda?........(The Express Tribune, Oct 22 ,2012)
ISLAMABAD: If somebody thought the attack on Malala Yousafzai would amount to Pakistan’s “Moment of Action” when it came to tackling militant ideology, it was sheer delusion............[ Read Full Story ]

Why the army will have to go into North Waziristan.................(Express Tribune, July 15 ,2011)
Shortly before leaving Kabul, General David Petraeus, the outgoing chief commander of the US-Isaf troops, referred to Pakistan Army’s long-overdue operation in Kurram and the trans-border movement by Afghan militants and their TTP affiliates as “North Waziristan in Reverse.” ...................................................[ Read Full Story ]

The Most Dangerous Place ........................(The Huffington Post, September 20, 2010)
As far back as in 2005, when he was serving as US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ronald Neumann warned that if the US did not address al Qaeda's new sanctuary in Pakistan it would "lead to the re-emergence of the same strategic threat to the United States that prompted our intervention in 2001 ........ [ Read Full Story ]

Imtiaz Gul “The Most Dangerous Place” (Viking) By AARON HOWARD ............(Herald Voice, September 02, 2010)
Following recent floods that left up to three million people homeless, Reuters and British television news reported that charity organizations tied to the Pakistani Taliban have set up at least 13 camps for displaced Pakistanis. Where was the Pakistani government? Obviously not providing food and shelter where and when the Pakistani people needed them......... [ Read Full Story ]

Taliban leader stokes fear of fresh attack on US after owning up to police siege......... (Sunday Herland, Scotland, April 05, 2009)
A FEW months before Time magazine listed Baitullah Mehsud among its 100 most influential individuals on earth, the Taliban mastermind declared jihad on the west. "Our main aim is to finish Britain and the United States and to crush the pride of the non-Muslims. We pray to God to give us the ability to destroy the White House, New York and London. Very soon, we will be witnessing Jihad's miracles," the diminutive, stocky militant told the Doha-based Al Jazeera TV in January 2008........... [ Read Full Story ]

Talibanisation of Khyber Agency... (Weekly Pulse, Islamabad July 03, 2008)
Following the unleashing of military power on the militants in Khyber Agency on June 28, the government banned the Lashkar-i-Islam (LI)  led by Mangal Bagh, Ansarul Islam (AI), headed by  Mehbubul Haq and Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Analmunkir (Promotion of virtue and prevention of vice) led by Haji Naamdar...... [ Read Full Story ]

Baitullah and Fazlullah are enemies... (Weekly Pulse, Islamabad June 19, 2008)
A day after his return from the Paris Conference of Donors to Afghanistan on June 14, where he secured over $20 billion worth of economic and military assistance commitments, President Hamid Karzai..... [ Read Full Story ]

FATA: Gillani wants peace, US.... (Weekly Pulse, Islamabad April 03, 2008)
The last week of March has been tumultuous for Pakistan. Two trouble-shooters from Washington – Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, and the Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher stayed put in Islamabad for a few days............ [ Read Full Story ]

FATA again under fire (Weekly Pulse, Islamabad January 11, 2008)
Prescript: Local Taliban are gradually converging on the Peshawar valley from Darra Adam Khel, Mohmand, Khyber agency as well as the Malakand region. The ultimate objective: lay a Taliban siege around the city........... [ Read Full Story ]

After FATA, it is Malakand (Weekly Pulse, Islamabad November 01, 2007)
The scary events in the Swat valley have left a long trail of death and destruction. But if we consider an incident that befell two couples from Lahore a few weeks ago, the resistance by the Taliban and their vows for Jihad appear ........... [ Read Full Story ]

Taliban on the move? (Weekly Pulse, Islamabad October 18, 2007)
Swat – When scores of Mulla Sufi Mohammad’s volunteers were either mauled or caught by the US-led coalition forces in December 2001, and the cleric himself was thrown into the Dera Ismail Khan jail “for having instigated” ........... [ Read Full Story ]

FATA on FIRE(Weekly Pulse, Islamabad October 11, 2007)
While political rivals – Benazir Bhutto, Chaudhrys, APDM components and the military establishment remain locked in the selfish, self-serving power play in Islamabad, militants in Waziristan continue to bleed the Pakistan army and its affiliate security forces. Unofficial but published Figures since July 15 suggest that security forces have lost over 300 personnel in clashes, roadside blasts caused by improvised explosive devices (IED), sting operations, and suicide attacks. ... [ Read Full Story ]

Post-Bajaur situation alarming (November 24-30, 2006)
The government would need some innovative thinking to get itself out of the bind in which it has placed itself vis-à-vis the angry tribal Pashtun Over three weeks after the bombing of Zia-ul-uloom Taleem-ul Quran in the Chenagai village of Bajaur agency, all government claims seem to have fallen flat in the face of angry tribesmen’s conviction that the attack was mounted by ... [ Read Full Story ]

Security, investment, and bureaucracy (November- 09- 2004, Daily Times)
Security issues and tedious bureaucratic procedures have become the bane of our economy. To quote a European diplomat, ‘bureaucracy in Pakistan creates roadblocks as soon as an investor decides to put money in Pakistan’ [ Read Full Story ]

Sovereignty and Pakistan's plethora of contradictions (January 31, 2006-The News)
Look at the following before expecting other nations to treat Pakistan and its citizens with respect. On January 22, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz told CNN: "We had no idea that this would take place ... there [was] no evidence until half-an-hour ago that there were any other people there. This area does see the movement of people from across the border but we have not found one body or one shred of evidence that Qaeda operatives were there." [ Read Full Story ]